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Friday Five: Lizzo, Graveyard Club, and more new Minnesota music videos

via Atlantic Records

Lizzo, “Truth Hurts”

Lizzo doesn’t have a new album officially announced, but she seems to be ramping up to something with “Truth Hurts” and “Water Me,” the two singles she’s released on Atlantic in the last couple of months. Maybe we’ll know what it is by the time she plays the Myth on New Year’s Eve.

Graveyard Club, “Ouija”

Graveyard Club visited Emporium Arcade Bar’s Stranger Things-themed pop-up in Chicago to film “Ouija,” a single they could play at their Icehouse show on Oct. 28.

Niles, “Become (The Livest) Pt. 2”

Niles, a hip-hop artist and founder of the Avant Garde, stands up for the culture in his new video. In an intro, he says he hopes that people he looks up to recognize and respect him. That seems to be the case, given his opening slots for Yasiin Bey/Mos Def last month and Raekwon tonight at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

Toki Wright, “Climate Change (prod. Mamadu)”

Toki Wright rolls out his Mamadu alter ego again to call out climate change-denying politicians. He and Cordova Lynch directed the video, splicing in impactful clips.

Zach Johnson, “Fusion Dance”

Videographer Ryan Floysand teamed up with his friend zach johnson to make this “photo-surrealistic sci-fi music video, aesthetically inspired by comic book composition.” Watch for johnson’s debut album City Water in early 2018.