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Friday Five: Maple & Beech go 360°, and more new Minnesota music videos

Maple & Beech, "Downtwaa/Uptwaa"

Maple & Beech, “Downtwaa/Uptwaa”



Maple & Beech just keep doing their thing. I’ve grown to expect shimmering, unafraid art from their music and videos, and they deliver every time. Band members Tyler Tholl and Pete James Johnson are where weird meets cool, and Tyler’s brother Justin Tholl joined the fray this time to create a 360° video for “Downtwaa/Uptwaa” from RUNDAWDAW.

KPT, “Sequel”

If you like Yeezus beats or creepy videos, here’s one for you. KPT (pronounced “kept”) releases his “Sequel” remix EP on Dec. 29.

Suzie, “Dear God”

Mark Ritsema’s Suzie project marches on with “Dear God,” a single independent of an album. Suzie will join Tickle Torture, Velvet Negroni, and more at the Fine Line on New Year’s Eve.

Lucid VanGuard, “Lord”

This video is unlike anything I’ve seen before, but the main draw here is the song; “Lord” has a leisurely tempo and easy mood, with plenty to interest the ear. Lucid VanGuard‘s “sonic cinema” pseudo spirits comes out in December, and if you like what you see and hear, visit Icehouse on Dec. 19 for their next video release.

Lazy Scorsese, “Radiate Love”

Lazy Scorsese‘s jammy video features silhouettes on silhouettes. It’s directed and produced by Oz and Alec Zender.