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Friday Five: Maple & Beech, Drone Not Drones and more new Minnesota music videos

Maple & Beech, “Sugar Bugs”

Prolific video artists Maple & Beech go to Tyler Tholl’s house to record “Sugar Bugs” from RUNDAWDAW. This arrangement, led by bass clarinet and QChord, displays a softer side of the electronic/pop duo’s output; “Though my hair caught on fire during filming (votive candles are beautiful but dangerous),” Tholl writes, “it was a lot of fun to hear this song in a new way.” Jon Klaye handles the video, while Pete James Johnson records and Tholl manages the mix. Maple & Beech play the Turf Club on Jan. 12 and Day Block Brewing Company on Jan. 26.

Drone Not Drones promo video

The Cedar Cultural Center’s annual Drone Not Drones event returns for 28 hours on Jan. 26-27 next year. Here’s a taste of last year’s show, with drone by Alan Sparhawk of Low; the upcoming Drone Not Drones V will feature Nels Cline, Low, and many more, and it’ll raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

The Time Lords, “At The End Of The Night”

The Time Lords may have a trademark dispute in their tea leaves, but at least they’re making super-fun music along the way. The duo are Pete James Johnson (Maple & Beech, The Nexus Ensemble) and Bubba Hollenhorst (Bubba Holly, Chief O’Brien).


Nathan Johnson continues his journey as darkpop artist LOYA.

Manic Semantics, “Tript”

Manic Semantics‘ album Spectrum comes out on Jan. 18. As you may have guessed from the nom de plume wordplay, this artist is a rapper; BAESIKLI made the beat.