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If You Like: dark, electronic rockers Autolux

Photo of Agharta Records by Cecilia Johnson | MPR

Here at The Current, we’re introducing a new feature called If You Like. The gist: You tell us who you’re into, and we recommend a local artist you might enjoy.

Whoa. Here I thought I’d be doling out recommendations, and I’ve already learned about a cool new band through this feature. Submitting her information, Mary from Minneapolis asked me to recommend something like Autolux, which, well — sent me investigating right to Spotify. Mary describes them as occupying “this delicious space between electronic dance music, future-leaning rock a la Radiohead, industrial, the Beatles, and something noisy and experimental.” I loved what I heard.

And then I thought: what a perfect excuse to go diving into the new Andrew Broder. In October, the Fog frontman released Cousin Mask, a five-song EP featuring contributions from local producer Psymun, Bon Iver associate Trever Hagen, and Justin Vernon himself. I hadn’t spent much time with it before this submission, but after a few listens, I decided to suggest Andrew Broder and his band Fog here.

Andrew Broder has been in and around the Twin Cities music scene long enough to be compatriates with some of the most notable names in town. Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, the Cloak Ox guitarist), Mike Lewis (Bon Iver saxophonist), and Leah Ottman (aka LOTT; We Are The Willows cellist), have all belonged to his band. He remixed Poliça’s song “Kind” in 2016, and he’s so tied into the Ryan Olson/Marijuana Deathsquads sphere that he sometimes performs with the latter group as Broderjuana Deathsquads.

Like its neighbors in the Deathsquads world, Cousin Mask is certainly noisy and experimental, more concerned with fragmented vocal samples than veritable lyrics. It really works in tracks like “Get This Off My Body.” But this is where I see the biggest disparity between Broder and Autolux. If you’d prefer something more melody-driven, turn to Broder’s work as rock band Fog, whose album For Good came out in 2016.

Good news, if you enjoy Broder’s music: he’s one of the many artists to hold a Twin Cities residency next month. For the first three Thursdays of January 2018, he’s booked artists such as Ylvisaker, Dua, and deM atlaS at the Turf Club. The last Thursday of the month, he’ll play First Avenue, pulling off a Fog set alongside Low, Marijuana Deathsquads, and more. Just like his Turf residency last year, all four shows will raise money for charity; here’s the full schedule.

Hope you enjoy the music, Mary — and thank you for the introduction to Autolux.

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