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Photos: Rappers, percussionists join forces to support Joey Van Phillips at Icehouse

Aby Wolf's set list and sheet music at Joey Van Phillips's 'Punch Bowl' release party

Every once in a while, you go to a party to find that all of the cool people have also shown up. Welcome to Icehouse on Nov. 30, 2017, the night of veteran drummer/percussionist Joey Van Phillips’s Punch Bowl album release.

Van Phillips doesn’t sing on any of the 10 tracks from Punch Bowl. Instead, he wrote and arranged the music — all percussion-based, with no guitars or bass to be found. Over the last several years, he’s stockpiled vocals and verses written by scene compatriots.

Last night, nearly all of those vocalists made the trek to Icehouse to perform with Van Phillips and his percussionist crew. The former group: Aby Wolf, Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis of Fort Wilson Riot, Cecil Otter of Doomtree, Omaur Bliss, Sims, Dessa, MaLLY, Medium Zach of Big Quarters, Joe Horton of Mixed Blood Majority, Kristoff Krane, and Midway Felix of Heiruspecs. The latter: deVon Gray, JT Bates, Miguel Hurtado of Catsax and many other endeavors, Cory Healey, Heather Barringer, and more.

“This man has supported half the artists in this room,” musician Omaur Bliss said of Van Phillips before performing “Sleight Of Hand.” “I gotta say it feels damn good to be supporting him for a change.”