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Photos: Gingerbread models of First Avenue, Target Center on display in Minneapolis

Photos by Jay Gabler/MPR

If super-cute models of iconic Minneapolis music venues are your jam, you have never had a better month in your life. While an epic Lego model of First Avenue remains on display at Brickmania in northeast Minneapolis, Norway House on Franklin Avenue is hosting a holiday gingerbread village that features models of Twin Cities landmarks including First Ave and Target Center.

This is the third year that Norway House is hosting its Gingerbread Wonderland, a display comprising models of structures found throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul — and beyond, with a special section honoring the centenary of Finland’s independence.

Inspired by the famous Gingerbread Town in Bergen, Norway, the model MSP is a true community endeavor. Some of the buildings were created by professional bakers, some were made by children, and some were made by enthusiastic amateurs. Last year, the display caught music fans’ attention with a somewhat larger version of First Avenue.

In addition to Emma Johnson’s First Ave and Sweet Retreat’s incredibly detailed post-renovation Target Center, this year’s Gingerbread Wonderland also features a little 19 Bar (Jay’d Hagberg and Ethan Bjelland), a Minnesota State Fair Giant Slide (Stephanie Weir, Kirsten Taylor, and Margot Taylor), and not one but two different takes on the Walker’s instantly recognizable new sculpture Hahn/Cock.

In a meta twist, Heather Vick modeled Norway House itself. Is there another tiny gingerbread Norway House inside?