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Five songs from St. Paul’s High School for Recording Arts to stream now

A mic, ready to be rocked. (via High School for Performing Arts on Facebook)

High School for Recording Arts (HSRA) isn’t your regular high school. For 20 years, HSRA has provided students with the opportunity to earn a diploma and develop as music artists at the same time.

HSRA just digitally released its archive, with a variety of student-written, -recorded, and -produced music as well as spoken word. Throughout the years all projects have been made through their student ran label, Another Level Records (motto: “our music, our time”). The school worked with Scott Herold of Rock the Cause to make the music available to a wider audience.

The release includes over 100 songs, all having a educational slant and a fresh feel. All recordings are now available on streaming services including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon. Streaming proceeds will help benefit the school’s educational programs.

Here are five of the newly-streaming songs that are my picks for the tracks you must listen to.

Get Ready My Education: “Ready for the Road”

Ready for the Road is a choir-sung piece. The song celebrates going for your dreams, specifying that “some start a business, some go to college, either way it goes, I’ve got the knowledge.” The students celebrate making it up to the point of graduation and being happy with whatever life has in store for them after that — hence being ready for the road.

26 Seconds: “Take Control”

“Don’t be a part of the statistic. Just remember, stay young and gifted.”

“Take Control” offers a reality check, with a little Flo Rida flavor. Taking control of your life before things get out of hand is always a lesson to be remembered. The song emphasizes that 26 seconds are all it could take to essentially ruin your life. The song encourages taking the high road even when no one else decides to, urging listeners to be confident they’re making the right decision.

Click 4 Life: “Whipin”

Being in the car turning up with your friends is all good until something happens. “Whipin” will get your head nodding while reminding you about the importance of road safety. The song also says that being under the influence while driving recklessly is nowhere near cool.

GYG (Get Your Green): “Turn it Off”

“Getcha-getcha green on.”

“Turn it Off” is from the school’s GYG album, all about saving the environment. This pop son is a female-dominated track letting you know that you need to be aware of how much energy you’re using. So next time when you turn off your light, remember you’re saving some “green” in more than one sense of the word.

U Have the Right: “Re-Evaluate”

Off the spoken-word album, U Have the Right, “Re-Evaluate” urges you to re-evaluate the very own words you use, “…because that woman we call everything else besides her own name could be somebody else’s mother.” Listen to this piece if you want some knowledge dropped on you, and if you want to bob your head a little bit.