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Friday Five: Birthday party edition

JD McPherson, "ON THE LIPS"

Here at The Current, we’re getting psyched for our 13th Birthday Parties, which we’ll throw at First Avenue tonight and tomorrow. We’ve been talking to Bully about bandmates, asking JD McPherson for teenage parenting tips…and now, spotlighting a few of our favorite music videos by birthday party bands. See them all at First Avenue this weekend.

JD McPherson, “ON THE LIPS”

This JD McPherson tune comes from Undivided Heart & Soul, the 2017 album that gave us “Lucky Penny.” “On The Lips” is “obviously autobiographical,” McPherson told Entertainment Weekly. “Each of the two verses is a story about a time during adolescence where I felt like there was a cure for boredom and loneliness: first kiss, the first time music inspired me to sing, and maybe [when I started] a band or three.”

Now, Now, “Yours”

“Yours” is the second single off Now, Now‘s LP-to-come, featuring Brad Hale at the wheel and KC Dalager in the passenger’s seat. Alexa San Román directed, edited, and produced the video.

Reina del Cid, “You Make Loving Fun”

Reina del Cid has been dropping a new cover video every Sunday morning, selecting songs by artists from Beyoncé to Charlie Parr. Here’s one of their most recent, a Fleetwood Mac cover from Rumours.

deM atlaS, “Perfect Day”

Here’s a song to turn to when you need a boost. deM atlaS goes from downtrodden kitchen staff to neighborhood party-starter in the video for “Perfect Day.”

Bully, “Running”

Bully go wild in “Running,” which was directed and edited by Alan Del Rio Ortiz.