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Friday Five: Dessa, Hippo Campus, iLLism, and more new Minnesota music videos

Dessa – “Good Grief”

The Beach Boys loaded up their woody with surfboards, but Dessa’s station wagon has a more fraught cargo in a new video for her single “Good Grief.” She and Zach Coulter (Solid Gold) take to the country; after fueling up at the Harris 61 Stop, they open up a farmhouse, have a stiff drink, and create a fire-nado using electric fans. Don’t try this at home. – Jay Gabler

Hippo Campus – “buttercup”

“This is the most hippocampusiest thing I’ve ever seen,” commenter Matt Rosboril writes on YouTube. Laeta Tuladhar keysmashes, “every frame is aesthetic asdfgjhjlk;.” And for once, the comments section is absolutely right. Quintessentially Hippo Campus, this animated video bursts with pink, blue, and beige, chubby shapes, and even a trip to space. – Cecilia Johnson

iLLism – “iLL Vibes”

By way of pre-party for their Super Bowl LIVE performance tomorrow, the Paisley-certified duo iLLism fire up the colored light bulbs and get down with special guest DJ Huh What. Now that’s what we call hygge. – JG

J.S. Ondara – “Revolution Blues”

Speaking to Good Music All Day, J.S. Ondara explained the genesis of “Revolution Blues,” his new song and video. “Early last year I went to the women’s march that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a cold Saturday morning and all around I could see thousands of people singing and dancing cheerfully. It didn’t feel much like a protest, rather a gathering for love and solidarity. As I walked about the crowds of women and men, young and old- these words took form in my head; “Let it loose, it’s the revolution blues.’” – JG

GeNreal – “WhatIAm”

This video’s star and director are both close to The Current; Nicholas Trahan (aka GeNreal) wrote for the blog as a college contributor for the 2016-17 school year, and Toki Wright (aka Mamadu) is our brand-new hip-hop host. Check out this new collaboration. – CJ