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Friday Five: Scrunchies, Superior Siren, and more new Minnesota music videos

Scrunchies, "Wichita"

Scrunchies, “Wichita”

Laura Larson, Stephanie Jo Murck, Bree Meyer, and Danielle Cusack are Scrunchies, a new band who played their first show last night at the 7th St Entry. They’ve stormed out of the gate, releasing a music video directed by Gordon Byrd and preparing to release their already-recorded first album, Stunner.

Superior Siren, “Tomorrow”

Superior Siren is a Laura Sellner project featuring bassist Nyssa Krause, cellist Rachel Gobin, and drummer Emma Deaner. “Tomorrow” is their first single off an album due January 12. The band will open for Charlie Parr on Sunday, the first night of his Turf Club residency. They’ll also perform at Icehouse on Feb. 24 to celebrate the release of their album.

Joey Van Phillips, “Black Excellence In Film (feat. Open Mike Eagle and Aby Wolf)”

Joey Van Phillips released his percussion- and hip-hop-forward album Punch Bowl at Icehouse on Nov. 30. Here’s the first track of the LP, “Black Excellence in Film (feat. Open Mike Eagle and Aby Wolf),” alongside a strangely mesmerizing video by Alex Berg of Pisces Virgo Rising.

Lucid VanGuard, “Foolish Lover”

Lucid VanGuard‘s experimental new video was shot and edited by Lisa Persson and directed by frontperson Karl Remus.

Julia Floberg, “APORIA”

Aporia is “an irresolvable internal contradiction or logical disjunction in a text, argument, or theory.” It’s also the name of Julia Floberg‘s new album, which she’ll release at Icehouse on Jan. 28. For now, check out the title track, which begins with a couple of minutes of spoken word over a cello rendition of what sounds like “Scarborough Fair.” Then, Floberg begins to sing, and Julia Gay, Lizzette Chapa, Peace Madimutsa, and Juliette Myers dance.