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Photos and review: Debut supergroup Scrunchies explode (in a good way) at 7th St Entry

Scrunchies. All photos by Emmet Kowler/MPR.

“Oh s–t,” exclaimed Laura Larson, finally coming up for air. “We’ve got three songs left!” Time flies when you’re having fun, and it was a most righteous kind of fun indeed as Larson’s new band Scrunchies made their public debut last night at the 7th St Entry.

It’s a supergroup drawing members from a few of the hardest-rocking bands to come out of Minneapolis in the past four years, and un-coincidentally, all of its members are women. Bree Meyer of Double Grave plays bass while Danielle Cusack of Bruise Violet handles the kit, with Cusack’s Tony Peachka bandmate Stephanie Jo Murck wields an axe…and Murck will be in the Mainroom tonight for First Avenue’s annual Best New Bands showcase, with her other group Sass.

Got that all down? If not, no worries: Scrunchies are a formidable band in their own right, already a tight unit whose members clearly enjoy sharing the stage. Their new single “Wichita” is typical of their songs’ style: driving grunge-punk, with Larson and Murck sharing unfussy harmonies.

They’ve already recorded their debut LP, which should be one of the year’s most-anticipated local releases on the basis of the taste we got last night. Live, the songs flashed by, while the several dozen attendees — already well-primed by openers France Camp, Devata Daun, and Sauna Accident — tried to take it all in. Projected psychedelic visuals, created by “Wichita” director Gordon Byrd, added to the ambience.

Larson’s band Kitten Forever do a lot (like, a lot) with drums and bass, but she clearly relishes this opportunity to front a guitar band; her thrashing solos were among the show’s highlights, along with Cusack’s athletic fills. If this is our decade’s answer to Golden Smog, I’m 100% here for it.

Sauna Accident

Devata Daun

France Camp