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Photos: Metasota serves up ‘real hip-hop,’ safe space, and chicken tacos at Nomad residency

Metasota at the Nomad World Pub on Jan. 16, 2018. All photos by Darin Kamnetz for MPR.

Welcome to the residency bonanza of January 2018! We made it to the New Year, and with its first month comes a slew of residencies: weekly shows helmed by locals Metasota, jeremy messersmith, Charlie Parr, the Cactus Blossoms, and Andrew Broder. We’ll be posting photos and a brief recap of a night each.

If you were to go to Metasota’s house, he’d cook for you, he says. Cool people would be there, and they’d gather around cool music. So this January, he’s throwing a residency at the Nomad on Tuesdays: an extension of his house. He brings the people and the food, and you just show up.

Last night, the Nomad hosted the third of four “JAMuary” installments, which featured performances by BDF, the Lioness, Tek, and Metasota, plus DJ sets by Rowsheen. “Meta made this beat for me,” the Lioness said during “Chosen Ones” as he walked past the stage. He grinned, carrying a stack of paper plates for tacos. That familial moment could sum up the whole night.

BDF performed first, bringing old and brand-new music to the Nomad stage. Metasota introduced him as an old friend, one who’d battled Eyedea and Brother Ali — for an hour and a half, once, with the former. On Tuesday, BDF showed off some freestyling flash, dropping Minnesota Viking Stefon Diggs’s name to cheers.

The Lioness went on next, looking comfortable in front of her small, appreciative audience. Other rappers descend into the crowd during their set, but the Lioness’s delivery is so potent I was glad she stayed onstage; her rhymes seem to punch holes in the air around her.

Tek had been DJing the first two installments of JAMuary, but since Rowsheen covered the ones and twos, Meta asked him to rap on night three (“because that’s what friends do”). He brought the bass, and after a few songs, Metasota jumped on stage with him. Then, our host wrapped up the night with a set of his own.

Each performance spiked the energy in the room, but I most enjoyed the sweet and fluid vibe as Rowsheen DJed, cueing up everything from Jay-Z’s “Family Feud,” to YG’s “Why You Always Hatin? (feat. Drake & Kamaiyah),” to Missy Elliott’s “Work It.” On other nights, waiting for a set can be tedium, but the Nomad was comfortable and warm as friends chatted all around.

Next week, Metasota hosts Sophia Eris and guests at the Nomad on Tuesday, Jan. 23 from 8 p.m. to midnight. If you can be at one residency for the rest of the month, choose this one.

All photos by Darin Kamnetz for MPR.



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