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Review and photos: First Aid Kit bring something old and something new to the Palace Theatre

First Aid Kit at the Palace Theatre on January 30, 2018. Photo by Maddy Fox for MPR.

With head-banging, strobe lights, and electric guitar solos, First Aid Kit brought a new energy to the Palace Theatre last night.

Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg just released their fourth album, Ruins. The album features songs that fit the texture we’ve come to expect from First Aid Kit — folksy sounds with beautiful harmonies — as well as expanding the group’s palette to include a harder-rocking sound.

Live, they channeled that energy with songs like “You Are the Problem Here,” which expresses the sisters’ frustration with the discussion surrounding sexual assault. “I think I can speak for every woman when I say that we’re really really f—ing tired of being afraid,” Klara said after the song ended, inspiring loud cheers.

The stage setup was simple; a white sheet behind the duo acted as a projector screen. Videos of country roads, mountains, hearts, and more were projected behind the group. The sisters were both dressed in red, with Johanna wearing a red shirt and Klara wearing a red dress. The other members of their band wore black cowboy-style shirts.

In addition to their edgier new material, First Aid Kit also delivered the warm, acoustic sound they’ve become known for with songs like “Postcard,” which Johanna said is the “most country-sounding song we’ve ever written.”

The duo’s well-known songs were embraced by the sold-out crowd. During “Emmylou,” the duo stopped singing and the crowd were more than ready to pick up the vocal. During the song, there were videos of Johanna and Klara growing up.

The other members of the band also drew the crowd’s attention — especially Steve Moore, who played the keyboard and trombone. Clearly familiar with the entire band, the crowd even took to chanting, “Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!” The dynamic among the band members was so friendly, you couldn’t help but smile as they interacted.

The Palace proved to be a perfect venue for the concert. The acoustics in the room made it seem like no matter how loudly you sang along, no one would be able to hear you. People throughout the crowd were singing with their eyes closed as they swayed to the beat.

Singer-songwriter Van William opened the show with an energetic and happy performance, and was brought back onstage during the encore to sing his song “Revolution,” which features First Aid Kit.

Rebel Heart
It’s a Shame
King of the World
Stay Gold
The Lion’s Roar
You are the Problem Here
To Live a Life
Crazy On You
Nothing Has to Be True
Hem of Her Dress
Revolution (with Van William)
Master Pretender
My Silver Lining

Van William

First Aid Kit