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February 28, 2018

First Avenue and Surly to release collaborative beer: +1 Golden Ale

“We sell a ton of Surly, so I think it’s going to be pretty popular,” First Avenue’s typically understated general manager Nate Kranz tells the Star Tribune about +1 Golden Ale, a new beer being brewed by Surly and featuring the imprimatur of the legendary Minneapolis rock club. “The key to +1 is balance and […]

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Last chance to impress Shredders with your sick remix

If you’ve ever listened to a track and thought, “I’d crush this beat,” this is for you. Same goes for “This could use more bass,” “You know what’d slap? My favorite percussion sample pack plus these rhymes,” and even, “What if you just looped accordion under Sims?” Shredders (Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, P.O.S, and Sims) have […]

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