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Friday Five: Nooky Jones, Prof, and more new Minnesota music videos

Nooky Jones - Sweet Wine

Nooky Jones, “Sweet Wine”

If y’all had any doubt about what the first word of this band’s name is getting at…this video should put it to rest. Nooky Jones released “Sweet Wine” for Valentine’s Day, but I’d say it’s appropriate for other nights of the year. Like April 7, when they’re performing at the Hook & Ladder.

Prof, “Andre The Giant”

This new video features a banging beat, goofy dancing, and cameos aplenty. Classic Prof. His fifth album Pookie Baby is out April 13 and available for pre-order now.

Destiny Roberts, “The Jungle”

Destiny Roberts and her Moon Melanin Mami project are back with “The Jungle,” directed by JMaki.

INTL FALLS, “Supernatural”

INTL FALLS is an unusual project. Instead of touring and playing gigs, its members — Erik Appelwick (Tapes ‘n Tapes), Todd Casper (The Great Depression), Eric Fawcett (N.E.R.D.) and John Hermanson (Alva Star) — aim to place music in movies and television. Sounds about right for this ambient, synthy tune.

Lazenlow, “Rage Quit”

A MEME VIDEO. Lazenlow strung together a series of gifs to accompany their song “Rage Quit.” The results are pretty hilarious.