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Friday Five: Ness Nite, Evidence feat. Slug, and more new Minnesota music videos

Ness Nite in "Tightrope"

Ness Nite, “Tightrope”

New York-via-Minneapolis visionary Ness Nite released her debut album today, which means it’s the perfect occasion to watch her in “Tightrope.” Lisa Persson (26 BATS!) shot this psychedelic, borderline-woozy video in the Minneapolis skyways. If you like what you hear, consider scooping up a ticket for her Dream Girl release at the Entry on March 23.

Evidence, “Powder Cocaine (feat. Slug)”

Dilated Peoples’ Evidence has been promoting his solo album Weather or Not with singles and music videos, including this one: directed by Jason Goldwatch and featuring Slug. Watch for Evidence and the Atmosphere rapper to team up at Soundset, especially since they’re both on the lineup.

Fox & Coyote, “Blue Marble”

Fox & Coyote‘s “Blue Marble” video is super strange, but the song makes perfect and profound sense. Core writers/vocalists Ryan Evans and Jonathan Harms worked with band members Katherine Canon (cello/vocals), Grant Gordon (upright bass/electric bass), and Kenny Befus (drums) to make this one. They just might play it at their release show on March 15 at the Entry.

Fathom Lane, “The Queen Of All Hearts (Live on Pony Rug)”

Fathom Lane join the multitudes of awesome bands who’ve performed on Pony Rug. “The Queen Of All Hearts” is a single they released last month.

Catbath, “Scuttlebutt”

Catbath splice together all sorts of clips in “Scuttlebutt.” Watch out for their upcoming album Glitterbox.