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Kate Nash on the renewed confidence and fearless physicality behind ‘Yesterday Was Forever’

Kate Nash. (courtesy the artist)

Kate Nash has learned a thing or two from being a wrestler. “The physicality that I’ve become comfortable with by doing Glow has really encouraged me as a live performer, so I’m really inspired at the moment,” she says about her current tour, which comes to the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis on April 19.

The tour supports Nash’s buoyant fourth album Yesterday Was Forever, which is out today. The album’s title alludes to the long, often frustrating journey Nash has taken since her debut album Made of Bricks turned her to into a fresh-faced international sensation in 2007. She’s released two superb albums since then, as well as joining the cast of Netflix’s acclaimed wrestling drama Glow, which has a second season set for release this summer.

“I think it was going back to my pop roots,” she says about the multi-year recording process, adding that the experience of making her righteously rocking 2013 album Girl Talk influenced the new album’s sound. “Then, polished off with getting Glow and becoming a wrestler and being around so many positive women. That gave me the confidence to pull it all together.”

Although Nash never went away, the rambunctious Yesterday Was Forever finds her back with a new energy, the lyrics addressing her mental health struggles and triumphs. “Personal and industry things trampled on me a bit and made me question myself, and I lost confidence,” she says about past years’ events, “but I think part of that was necessary to find that confidence in a really true way. It was like rebuilding.”

Nash made headlines last fall when she clapped back at a BuzzFeed listicle claiming her as one of “33 singers that only exist in the memories of British millennials.”

“If I had read that two years ago, that would have f—ing crushed me and I would have felt so s–t,” says Nash. “I was in my trailer shooting season two of Glow, in a good place and actually knowing I was releasing an album and having a successful Kickstarter…it was a weird place to be in, because I was like, ‘First of all, you’re inaccurate. I’m actually doing really well and feeling good about my life and career.’

“It made me angry,” she continues, “because I know there’s probably people on that list who were feeling how I felt a few years ago and you don’t know what they’re going to do. Artists are f—ing fragile, and not having success is not something to laugh at people for. The industry isn’t very supportive even of the most successful in the business, so it really struck a chord.”

Two videos for tracks from the new album, “Life in Pink” and “Drink About You,” were directed by Liz Nistico: the multimedia artist who’s half of the indie-pop duo HOLYCHILD. Nash says she was impressed with Nistico’s vision when they were making a video for “Rotten Teeth,” a HOLYCHILD track that Nash guests on.

“I just admired her,” says Nash, “and thought, oh my God, Liz is incredible at this! She’s such a cool director, and she just knows what she’s f—ing doing, and she’s got such an amazing visual eye. After that, I was like, you should totally direct one of my music videos.” Nistico ended up collaborating with Nash on the Yesterday Was Forever album art as well as the videos. “It’s kind of a lot of pressure to think about your own visuals,” says Nash, “so it’s really nice to collaborate with other women that I respect.”

Nash says she sees acting and singing as two sides of the same coin. “I love acting and I love storytelling, and I think I’m trying to tell stories through music. Music is also connected to the f—ing blood that pumps through you and the rhythm of your heartbeat. You’re literally making music with the organ that’s pumping blood around your body. That’s why it’s so universal: when we’re being made as babies, we’re hearing our mother’s heartbeat. It’s the first thing we hear, which is a rhythm.”