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April 20, 2018

“We like to put things in boxes”: Kimbra on Prince’s spirit, vocals, and constant evolution

Kimbra gets Prince. Since buying Musicology in a New Zealand record store, she’s released three of her own shape-shifting albums, including today’s Primal Heart. But she’s never lost sight of principles she learned from Prince — especially evolution, duality, and joy. You know her from “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the song that sent her and Gotye to […]

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Review: Bon Iver and TU Dance ‘Come Through’ at the Palace Theatre

At the first of four sold-out shows at the Palace Theatre, Bon Iver and TU Dance — two local, nationally renowned performing arts powerhouses — performed something transcendent and deeply felt, a gripping blend of contemporary dance and music called Come Through. This project was commissioned by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music. Upon […]

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‘I want to be known as a Minnesotan, finally’: John Maus sticks to his roots as his music surges forward

Whenever reporters talk to John Maus, they tend to end up writing a lot about the way John Maus talks. Some phrases and sentences that have been used to describe him in conversation include “maddeningly referential,” “circular,” “nonlinear tangents abound,”  and “It is not easy to talk to John Maus.” The very first sentence of […]

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