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Can you identify Prince songs in the first second? Questlove can.

So you’re a Prince superfan. Could you name any Prince song if you only hear the song’s first second? How about the first half-second? How about the first quarter-second?

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon couldn’t stump his bandleader, Prince obsessive Questlove, in a special “Prince Edition” of a One-Second Song Quiz that Fallon says was inspired by Jack White, who prides himself on being able to identify any Beatles song in the first second.

Questlove was promoting his new book Creative Quest, a manual on creativity.

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  • Jon Copeland

    I’m not quite as good as Questlove but I got Mountains, U Got the Look, Raspberry Beret, Gett Off and Alphabet Street!

  • Chea Castro

    Go Questlove. I got them all. :) Easy. I have been listening to him since 1978. Fan friends and I have been playing a version of this for years. It cool that Jimmy is doing his version.


    I missed Baby I’m A Star and UTCM.

  • Got them all. :-)

  • Bluu

    Got ’em all. “Mountains” is not what I think of as a deep cut and is on an album that a lot of people bought for having “Kiss” on it. “Mountains” got some airplay back in the day. It’s not a deep cut, at least not considered so among hardcore fans like Questlove is.