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Minnesota Music Coalition declares April to be Minnesota Music Month

The Ultrasounds perform at Ed's No Name Bar during Mid West Music Fest 2017; they'll be part of the festival again this month. (Nate Ryan/MPR)

April is a busy month for Minnesota music fans. Each new week brings with it new opportunities to explore music through a local lens. There are events like the Mid West Music Fest, Record Store Day, and of course the events celebrating Prince (not to mention countless other performances and events).

With so much going on, the Minnesota Music Coalition (MMC) has decided to tie everything together and call it a month: a Minnesota Music Month, that is. For the entire month of April, MMC will be showcasing events and artists all around Minnesota. MMC calls the endeavor “a collective celebration and promotion of MN music across the state to support artists, venues, businesses, fans and students.”

MMC is taking the lead with their Minnesota Music Summit, April 12-14. The Summit takes place at the O’Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University. Performances, panels, workshops, and keynote speakers are all on the schedule. This year’s theme is about “amplifying women’s stories” in the music industry.

In addition, MMC has a long list highlighting other events on the Minnesota Music Month website, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Anyone can submit a music event that they know of in their area to be considered for the calendar. This makes the whole experience collaborative, making a direct line from the fan to the artist. The website also includes a map so you can pick an exact region of the state to check out music.

“We wanted to celebrate the big festivals along with the community events, concerts and album releases that are happening all the time across the state,” says MMC executive director Ellen Stanley in a press release. “We’re excited to shine a brighter spotlight on the independent artists, small businesses and supporters that make this such a vibrant music community.”