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Photos: Phoebe Bridgers glows at the Turf Club

Phoebe Bridgers performs at the Turf Club on April 20, 2018. All photos by Emmet Kowler for MPR.

Of course Phoebe Bridgers‘s favorite place in Target is the candle aisle. She also likes the office supplies section, she told us at the Turf Club last night. But her music pairs so well with a lit wick: both intimate, warm, and lonely.

After opening for Conor Oberst at the Palace last September, Bridgers made her Minnesota headlining debut at the Turf Club. Her debut album Stranger in the Alps provided most of the set list, but Bridgers also made time for older song “Steamroller,” plus covers of Tom Petty (“It’ll All Work Out”) and Sheryl Crow (“If It Makes You Happy”).

Bridgers was funny, focused, and appreciative as she talked with the near-silent crowd from stage. “I like this place,” she said about Minnesota. “I was here when I heard my music in a coffee shop for the first time.” But she says she had to play it cool, because Conor Oberst accompanied her, and “he’s like the number-one coffee shop artist ever.”

Lomelda — aka one-person band Hannah Read — impressed the early crowd. Musically, she spent some time in the Francis and the Lights lane called, “I’m going to make art out of this cheap-sounding beat.” But her second-person confessions and other bare-faced lyrics (“Everybody tries to fall in love/ But I just keep making friends” from “Columbia River”) made her a natural fit to open for Bridgers.


Phoebe Bridgers