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May 23, 2018

Bad Bad Hats announce new album ‘Lighting Round’ for Aug. 3, release first song

Minneapolis pop-rock band Bad Bad Hats have announced the release of their sophomore album Lightning Round, which will be available on Aug. 3. Their first album, Psychic Reader, put them on the map back in 2015, with songs like “Midway,” “Joseph,” and “Fight Song” getting stuck in listeners’ heads. Since this initial release, the band have toured with […]

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McDonald’s claims Big Mac ad isn’t about Prince, offended fans roll eyes

“Girl, please,” says a man wearing a purple jacket and carrying a stylized guitar, “I Big Mac like a Prince.” Could this South African TV ad possibly be referencing any well-known musician? Not really, says McDonald’s…but an industry group begs to differ. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), an independent trade group in South Africa, received […]

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In town for Soundset? Here’s where you should go

People from all around the world visit Minnesota every spring for Soundset, the largest hip-hop festival in the United States. But how many venture beyond the State Fairgrounds to discover where our local heroes grew up? Where they shop or eat? Here are a few hometown spots you can go to soak up the culture. Of […]

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