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Father John Misty performs new single on ‘Live From Here’

Chris Thile (left) and Father John Misty (right) at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta on 'Live From Here'

Are you eagerly awaiting Father John Misty’s next album, God’s Favorite Customer? Do you prefer your love songs sardonic as all get-out? Does this read like an advertisement — and don’t you think that’s what our Father would want?

The point is: we have a video you might like. Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman, performed a couple songs on Live From Here last week in Atlanta. One of them, “Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All,” has made its way to YouTube. “Diamonds” is the latest single from God’s Favorite Customer, which comes out June 1.

Watch Tillman strum his guitar and sing lyrics such as, “Like the constant twitching in my eye/ This love of ours will never die.” Live From Here host Chris Thile jams on mandolin, with Rich Dworsky, Chris Eldridge, Brittany Haas, Alan Hampton, and James McAlister as backing band.


Father John Misty headlines Rock the Garden at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on June 16.