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Friday Five: Fathom Lane, Dodie covering jeremy messersmith, and more new Minnesota music videos

Michael Ferrier in Fathom Lane's "Queen Of All Hearts"

Fathom Lane – “The Queen Of All Hearts”

Fathom Lane‘s latest video is a gorgeous affair of seduction and scorn, directed by Josh Becker and lead singer Michael Ferrier. They perform with Lena Elizabeth and Ghost Wagon at Icehouse on May 10.

Dodie – “Everybody Gets A Kitten (jeremy messersmith cover)”

“I’m not not dressed up as a cat,” YouTuber Dodie says before she covers jeremy messersmith’s “Everybody Gets A Kitten.” It popped up in her Discover Weekly one day, and not only does the Obscenely Optimistic tune make her happy, she also enjoys messersmith’s new album.

Yam Haus – “Get Somewhere”

As daylight unfurls, so does Yam Haus‘s song “Get Somewhere” in this one-take walk-and-sing stunt. Lars Pruitt (vocals/guitar), Seth Blum (electric guitar), Zach Beinlich (bass), and Jake Felstow (drums) will release their debut album in June with a release show at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

Astronomique – “Losing Our Control”

Synth pop band Astronomique will release their debut album, Sharp Divideat the 7th St Entry on June 9. Here’s the first single.

Orchid Eaton – “Alsace-Lorraine”

Orchid Eaton get kaleidoscopic in this new video by Chris LeBlanc and Mike Lund. “Alsace-Lorraine” is the first track on their upcoming album, Start of the Dream, which they’ll celebrate at the Eagles Club #34 on June 16.