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Friday Five: Nazeem & Spencer Joles, VAN STEE, and more new Minnesota music videos

Nazeem (left) and Spencer Joles (right) in "Rock Lee" (shot by Nate P.)

Nazeem & Spencer Joles – “Rock Lee”

Nazeem & Spencer Joles have made a tradition out of setting music videos at Twin Cities hotspots. This time, Cup Foods (on 38th & Chicago) and the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood get the honor. Nate P. is the perfect videographer to accompany them around town, adding wild visual effects to the cartoon-honoring piece. Speaking of which: Naruto fans are in for a treat. “Rock Lee” samples the legendary anime’s theme song and takes its name from Team Guy member Rock Lee.

VAN STEE – “Here Comes The Fire (feat. HALEY)”

Charlie Van Stee and his band get feltified in “Here Comes The Fire,” a stop-motion piece directed by Toph Heubach. The song holds tension and serenity like reins, pitting frenzied drum beats against soothing background vocals; HALEY provides the latter. VAN STEE’s album Heartbreaker, Nervewrecker, Meansucker comes out on June 22.

Kobruh – “J Cole”

Kobruh makes her own lanes, she declares in this new video by Mercies May. After watching her rap about the need for more men like J. Cole, you’ll likely agree.

Taylor J – “Blessed”

St. Paul’s Taylor J is “Blessed” in Dontell Antonio’s video. Zoom in to close-up!

Sarah Streitz – “Under Your Covers”

Sarah Streitz tries on different hats visually, but her song “Under Your Covers” is classic country. This song comes from Streitz’s new album Yesterday’s Child.