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Friday Five: POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e, Dwynell Roland, and more new Minnesota music videos

Polica + s t a r g a z e - "How Is This Happening"

POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e – “How Is This Happening”

As if POLIÇA and s t a r g a z e‘s Music for the Long Emergency wasn’t collaborative enough, Santa Fe arts collective MEOW WOLF joined on to produce a short film for “How Is This Happening.” It’s hard to detect any plot, but superterrestrial beauty is everywhere in this film. In fact, the end serves as a cool counterpoint to sci-fi movie Annihilation.

Dwynell Roland – “Control It”

Dwynell Roland‘s giggly stage presence translates impeccably onto video. This one features Roland on the links, rapping his new song “Control It (prod. Regal The Rare)” while trying to sink golf balls. So pure. His album Young Roland comes out June 1.

Devata Daun – “Skeletons (Live on Pony Rug)”

Pony Rug videos have been getting more and more ambitious in scope and sound. See: this version of Devata Daun‘s “Skeletons,” which comes from her 2016 album L o o k.

Tufawon – “Cambia la tema (feat. Lady Midnight and #artbymixie)”

Take a few minutes to move around in Tufawon‘s world, joined by him, Lady Midnight, and Mixie D (aka #artbymixie). The trio inhabit South Minneapolis in this 360° video, “Cambia la tema” — or “Change The Subject” — which comes from Tufawon’s Self Care EP. He notes, “The video is best watched with a set of virtual reality goggles, but you can still enjoy the video in all of its beauty on a smartphone or computer screen.”

Ben Noble – “Healer Might (Live at Welcome to the Goulson’s)”

Fans of Bon Iver’s 22, A Million should enjoy this gorgeous rendition of “Healer Might,” a song from Ben Noble‘s Whisky Priest. It’s all vocals, bent with that half-vocoder, half-organic tang. And it’s worth repeat listens.