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You Need To Know: Moise, a St. Thomas grad on the come up

Courtesy of Moise. Photo by Mark Pumper (@markpumper).

Every once in a while, SoundCloud yields something really promising. When I first heard Moise’s song “Wildflower” on that platform, I knew enough to pay attention; about a year later, this artist is getting ready to release his debut project (Amongst the Leaves, which will contain new single “a thousand miles”) and perform around the world.

Here are a few facts and stories about Moise.

He goes by Moise in real life and on stage.

“Honestly,” he says, “I had some really corny [stage] names picked out when I was a kid.” But he eventually opted to perform under his given name. It’s French for Moses, and his family pronounces it “mo-ees.” But when his kindergarten teacher started calling him “moyse,” the pronunciation stuck. He’s learned to like it.

His first single was called “Wildflower.”

The Current wrote about his debut, a “slow-burn love song” that imagines an individualized American Dream. After its release, German YouTube series Colors invited him to perform the song on their show, so he added a Berlin stop to an upcoming family vacation and stopped by the studio. “I was definitely a little bit nervous,” he says, “but at the end of the day, I was proud of what I did.”

His SoundCloud bio reads, “good things take time.”

That’s partly a reference to his ever-gestating debut project (Amongst the Leaves is due this summer), but it’s also one of Moise’s ideals. He says, “I think the best art is something that’s picked at and tuned. It might be inspired in a moment, but then you take time to reflect and fine-tune it.” Don’t expect this perfectionist to churn out work.

He and his collaborator Will Levison — who played guitar during Colors — first met online.

Levison is from the UK, so all the music they made before Colors happened online, as they sent tracks and riffs back and forth after meeting on SoundCloud. “We had a lot of similar tastes, and his stuff didn’t really have vocals,” Moise says. “That Colors session was the first time we [physically] played together. We practiced two days before, and then it was lights, cameras.”

He’s a proud St. Thomas grad.

That T-shirt he’s wearing in the Colors video? All part of the plan. Wearing it “was an easy decision,” Moise says. “I was trying to get a free tuition.” He laughs. No: “That’s who I am,” he says. The look was simple, and no one else had gone that route on the show.

He and Drelli collaborated on “Know Ya.”

If Moise is slow and steady, Drelli is inexhaustibly prolific. The two artists worked together on “Know Ya,” featuring Moise on the hook with some of that “American Boy” breeze.