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Caroline Smith changes name to ‘Your Smith,’ announces new music for next week

This Quinn Wilson photo accompanied Caroline Smith's announcement that she's becoming 'Your Smith.'

We haven’t heard any new music from Caroline Smith since her tap-dancing 2016 release “Trying Not To Love You,” but yesterday, not only did she announce that she’ll soon release new music, she also officially rolled out her new name: Your Smith. She posted a message on Twitter and Instagram explaining the fresh start.

All of Smith’s social media handles have been changed to @yoursmithforever, as well as her website, though she’s still searchable as “Caroline Smith” on Facebook and Spotify. Photos by Quinn Wilson — Lizzo’s creative director — accompanied the announcement.

Though she’s currently based in L.A., Your Smith is something the Minnesota native has been testing out for a little while now having been billed as “Caroline Smith (Your Smith)” on a series of solo shows she did in the spring, and signing off a Facebook post from May with the same closing that showed up in her announcement yesterday, “you will always have Your Smith.”

Her first new music as “Your Smith” will be released next Friday, June 29.