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Friday Five: Low, Allan Kingdom, and more new Minnesota music videos

Alan Sparhawk in Low's 'Double Negative' triptych

Low – “Quorum,” “Dancing And Blood,” and “Fly”

Low‘s newest music might feel familiar to the 2013 Rock the Garden attendee. This “Double Negative triptych” demands patience, as did their “drone, not drones” performance of “Do You Know How To Waltz?” at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Whether you like these songs or not, you have to admit the band behind them has never paid too much attention to the status quo. Their next album, Double Negative, comes out Sept. 14, 2018.

Allan Kingdom – “Globe”

Allan Kingdom hits the green screen in an effort to “take you ’round the globe.” It’s a goofy video that should help get the word about his new project Peanut Butter Prince (out today) and his June 24 “daytime show” with Drelli at the Entry.

SHREDDERS – “Calm/Sane (Lyric Video)”

SHREDDERS bust out their custom lettering for this lyric video, created by Aaron Anderson. Catch the guys on August 11 at the Pizza Lucé Block Party.

The Violet Nines – “Day Job”

The Violet Nines rent out the roller rink for this funky take on day jobs. Highlights: the sax solo, the bright cinematography, and Veronica Fritsch’s vocals. You can see them at night at the Turf Club on June 28.

Various Artists – “Faded / We The People”

Dismembered and Unarmed is a just-released collaborative album featuring more than 30 Twin Cities-based artists, executive produced by I Self Devine and Resmaa Menakem. This song features Sarah White and I Self Devine, plus many more; astralblak’s MMYYKK and Greg Grease produced the track. Look out for an article covering Dismembered and Unarmed by Ali Elabbady on The Current’s site this afternoon.