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Psalm One to celebrate birthday by playing new music at 7th St Entry

Psalm One. (courtesy the artist)

On Sunday, Psalm One, the first solo female act signed to Rhymesayers, is celebrating her birthday at the 7th Street Entry with her first headlining show in the Twin Cities in almost three years. The Chicagoan finds herself living in the Twin Cities these days, and she’s been working on new music that she intends to preview at Sunday’s show.

About two years ago, Psalm was rocked by a few life events that caused her to take a step back and assess what she was doing with music, so she put her solo work on hold and poured herself into her group the Rapper Chicks, also working on a solo release by her bandmate Angel Davenport.

“I’ve just been working on other people’s music for the last few years, and working with Angel is what brought me back to the Twin Cities because she’s working with P.O.S,” Psalm says. “I was able to come back here and really use the resources that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve been working up here and creating up here.”

Psalm’s birthday show will feature about half a set of new music and she says she’ll be performing with a full band. The first lady of Rhymesayers has a stacked bill for her birthday show, with support from Ossa Moon, Metasota, the Lioness, Sophia Eris, and Davenport as host.

“These are rappers that I respect and that I want to showcase,” she says. “I just want to bring a good night of hip-hop, you know, with some local artists, and some artists from Chicago, people that I respect.”

Fans can look forward to a new single this fall from Psalm One. She says that while she’s busy working with Davenport, she has a posse cut that she’s really excited about releasing.

“Right now, I’m up here using my connections, exorcising some demons, but I’m really excited about this show. I really want people to come out and see some good local talent, and hear what I’ve been up to, and hear me in a new context and get excited about the future. And it’s my birthday!”