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Watch Greg Norton join the Posies for Hüsker Dü covers at the Turf Club

The Turf Club (Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt for MPR)

Tuesday night at the Turf Club, Hüsker Dü bassist Greg Norton joined the evening’s headliners, the Posies, on stage for a handful of Hüsker Dü numbers. After the legendary St. Paul rock band broke up in 1987, Norton left the music industry for a couple of decades, but has returned to music in recent years and joined the band Porcupine in 2016.

Porcupine were an opener at the Turf Club, and on Twitter, the Posies started a rumor that this “Posie Du” encore would be happening.

The Posies/Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü encore set Turf Club, June 26, 2018

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The “Posie Dü” set included “These Important Years,” “Green Eyes,” “Makes No Sense At All,” “Sorry Somehow,” and “Grant Hart,” the latter of which is a 1996 song by the Posies in tribute to Hüsker Dü’s drummer-singer-songwriter, who died last year. The Current’s Jake Rudh got a clip of the band playing “Makes No Sense at All” with Norton, to which a fan on Twitter replied, “the world just got better.”

For more videos, see these tweets by Kyle Matteson. The venue for the show was particularly apt, since Hüsker Dü used to rehearse at a space just down University Avenue from the Turf Club. To learn more about the band’s history, listen to The Current’s podcast Do You Remember?

The Posies are a power pop band from Washington that have been making music together since the late ’80s. The band members have often said they’re huge Hüsker Dü fans, and the Posies have often been compared to them along with bands such as Big Star and the Hollies.