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Watch NBA vet Carlos Boozer talk about the time Prince rented his house and totally Prince-ified it

Carlos Boozer walks into his home, taken aback by the renovations Prince had done.

In a new video from ESPN, former NBA player Carlos Boozer recounts a story that’s gone down in purple legend.

When Boozer signed with the Utah Jazz in 2004, he began receiving offers to rent out his L.A. home when he’d be away. Although Boozer had no intention of renting out his home, he couldn’t resist when a prospective renter offered pay him $95,000 a month, and he wondered who the renter could be.

When Boozer flew back from Utah to sign the paperwork in L.A. he couldn’t believe who the mysterious renter was: Prince. The two came up with an agreement and Boozer returned to Utah, but had to come back home a few months later after he tore his hamstring.

When he drove up to the mansion to check on things, he was taken aback by what he saw. Prince had completely renovated his home: removing all of Boozer’s furniture, hanging pictures of himself all over the house, and turning the spare rooms into a nightclub, hair salon and massage parlor. Like many people would be, Boozer was upset, but Prince told him he would make sure the house looked as if he was never there when it was time for him to move out.

Prince kept his promise. When Boozer returned to the house after Prince had left, it looked just like it did before he moved in, and because Prince had rented the mansion, Boozer was able to sell it for $12.4 million — $3.8 million more than he had originally paid for it.

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