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Bob Dylan’s Spock and Don King impersonator selfies: What we know

A tweet going viral right now claims that Bob Dylan was driving down Hollywood Boulevard on Monday when he suddenly stopped to get photos with a Spock impersonator and a Don King impersonator. Wait, what?

This did actually happen, it seems — but it wasn’t this week, it was in February 2014. A more detailed account is available on the Facebook page of Paul Forest, an uncanny Spock impersonator who’s currently based in Las Vegas. “I think he’s a Trekker,” wrote Forest, using the fan-preferred term for Star Trek buffs.

Spock Vegas and Bob Dylan. He stopped his SUV right on Hollywood boulevard when he saw me on the walk of fame, he did…

Posted by Paul Forest on Friday, February 21, 2014

Nobel laureates — they’re just like us! Of course, some viewers are speculating that this is all a big hoax and that’s also a Bob Dylan impersonator. I’m Not There, indeed.