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Bob Dylan’s Spock and Don King impersonator selfies: What we know

A tweet going viral right now claims that Bob Dylan was driving down Hollywood Boulevard on Monday when he suddenly stopped to get photos with a Spock impersonator and a Don King impersonator. Wait, what?

This did actually happen, it seems — but it wasn’t this week, it was in February 2014. A more detailed account is available on the Facebook page of Paul Forest, an uncanny Spock impersonator who’s currently based in Las Vegas. “I think he’s a Trekker,” wrote Forest, using the fan-preferred term for Star Trek buffs.

Spock Vegas and Bob Dylan. He stopped his SUV right on Hollywood boulevard when he saw me on the walk of fame, he did…

Posted by Paul Forest on Friday, February 21, 2014

Nobel laureates — they’re just like us! Of course, some viewers are speculating that this is all a big hoax and that’s also a Bob Dylan impersonator. I’m Not There, indeed.

  • Sillyputta

    Ever the enigma, one so much older then but younger than that now.

  • Howard Davidson

    Any Idea what t-shirt Bob’s wearing?

  • Red Allover

    Heard Bob Dylan, Halloween 1964, Philharmonic Hall, say:
    “I’m wearing my Bob Dylan mask.”
    Only words he said during 2-3 hour concert.

    • ccprogress

      And then during the second Rolling Thunder show, Halloween night 1975, he actually did wear a Bob Dylan mask. With grease paint applied to it. That’s how the face paint for that tour started.
      Opening night in Plymouth, 10/30/75, he wasn’t wearing any make-up. I was there in the second row. He didn’t start doing that until after the next show.

  • mumbles

    Bizarrely enough, he’s quoted Star Trek dialogue in his songs. “I’ll go along with this charade until I can think my way out” from Tight Connection to My Heart is more or less a direct lift from The Squire of Gothos, an first season original series episode. I have heard that line is itself from a Bogart film named Sahara but I haven’t seen it.

    • ccprogress

      Yes, it and several more lines with it are indeed from Sahara, from an exchange between Bogart and Lauren Bacall. I’ve seen the movie – that’s how I discovered it.

      “I’m going to get my coat, I feel the breath of a storm,
      “I’ve got something I’ve got to do tonight,
      “You go inside and stay warm,”

      is something Bogart says to Bacall.