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Friday Five: Gaelynn Lea, Longshot & Lazerbeak, and more new Minnesota music videos

Gaelynn Lea and friends in "Lost In The Woods"

Gaelynn Lea – “Lost In The Woods”

Makeovers aren’t always for the better, as Gaelynn Lea knows in “Lost In The Woods,” a new song from her upcoming album Learning How To Stay (out Sept. 7). This tune may be short, but Lea makes time for a great violin solo.

Longshot & Lazerbeak – “Just Dance”

Longshot and Lazerbeak may not have that much in common with Lady Gaga, but at least they share this mantra. “Just Dance” is off the duo’s just-released Parades.

George Hadfield – “Treadmill”

Guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker directed this video for George Hadfield‘s funky song “Treadmill.” Formerly of USONIA, Hadfield released this song and nine others on Brenda last month.

Red Poets Society – “Make America Great”

Tall Paul and T.O.N.Y are Red Poets Society, and they teamed up with videographer Mercies May — plus a few dozen other producers, techs, and actors — to make this ambitious video that pictures America as a mansion.

Flip Rushmore – “Phife & Merle”

“Phife & Merle” is the commanding, loud opening track from Flip Rushmore‘s Big, If True. Members Alex Smith, Nick Spielman and Adam Szczepaniak go on the hunt for their fourth member, Dan Klauer, in this super-fun video.

Bora York – “Glowing” (Teaser)

Been waiting for more Bora York? You’re not alone. Chris and Rebekah Bartels will drop their first single in three years, “Glowing,” on July 13. From the looks of this teaser, it’s going to be on repeat throughout the summer. The band will celebrate “Glowing” with a show at the Varsity on July 19.