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Vagical Mystery Tour: Chastity Brown, Lori Barbero, and more to join Lizz Winstead for comedy and conversation

Chastity Brown backstage at Rock the Garden 2018. (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Tonight, the Vagical Mystery Tour is making a stop at the Cedar Cultural Center for a night of comedy, conversations about reproductive rights, and satirical covers of sexist music.

The Vagical Mystery Tour is the project of Daily Show co-creator (and Minneapolis native) Lizz Winstead and Lady Parts Justice League, a comedy-driven reproductive rights organization. The show debuted last summer, and is back this year for an eight-week tour across the country.

Each stop on the tour features a unique bill of local performers. Joining Winstead on stage at the Cedar will be local comedian Jenn Schaal and an impressive lineup of Minnesota musicians, including names such as Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland), Janey Winterbauer (the Suburbs, Wits, Sevateem), and Chastity Brown.

In addition to raising awareness for women’s reproductive rights, the Vagical Mystery Tour’s performers spend time volunteering at local clinics at each of the tour’s stops. The tour is also partnering with local nonpartisan grassroots organizers to help encourage people to vote in upcoming elections.

When Lizz Winstead reached out to Brown about participating in the event, she immediately agreed. Brown recognizes that the show presents its audience with potentially controversial topics, but that these conversations are important to start.

“Music has always in so many ways been a cultural journalist,” said Brown in a conversation with The Current’s Sean McPherson. “I want to encourage people to engage with issues that matter. Primarily they all have to deal with people’s safety — whether it’s immigrants, or whether it’s women’s reproductive rights. I feel like what a great platform, when you’re not only elevated, you’re being amplified in this moment of a concert. Take that responsibility seriously and engage with folks.”