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Friday Five: Ian Alexy, Circus of the West, and more new Minnesota music videos

Ian Alexy taps his feet to "Video Games"

Ian Alexy – “Video Games”

Lana Del Rey’s brooding hit becomes a mid-tempo ballad under the care of Ian Alexy, a guitarist best known for his work with the band Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank. He first covered the song during a set at the 331 Club, and when he noticed how well it went over with the previously disengaged women in the audience, he decided to keep it in his set. Jake T. Peterson shot and edited the video.

Circus of the West – “Love Always”

Pop-rock band Circus of the West contemplate endings and “always” in this video, which features actor Aidan Jhane Gallivan as the woman out of reach. Listen for this song and others from We’ll See Ourselves Out during the band’s early set at the Pizza Lucé Block Party, which takes place tomorrow, Aug. 11.

Stacy K – “Chemical Reaction”

Nothing like poolside flirting to spice up your summer. Minneapolitan Stacy K pairs this easygoing tune with footage of cute people mingling in the water.

Vie Boheme – “Take Cover”

Meditate with Vie Boheme during the silent first section of this video. Then leap into her song “Take Cover,” a wildly uplifting single.

Six is One: The Siren Six! Story

Normally, Friday Five is all about music videos. But here’s one departure: a documentary about Minnesota-born ska band the Siren Six!, who reunited for a pair of 7th St Entry shows in 2017. Forty-seven minutes speed by as we meet the band, their music, and even superfan Adam Levine. The doc is composed of mostly old footage with some new interview audio, and there’s plenty of the Six’s music.