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Friday Five: Justin Courtney Pierre, Your Smith, and more new Minnesota music videos

Justin Courtney Pierre in "Into The Drink"

Justin Courtney Pierre – “In The Drink”

Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Courtney Pierre looks to have gone full zombie apocalypse — or blood-soaked video game — in his first solo release since the band broke up. It all teases an album called In the Drink, produced by MCS’s Joshua Cain, which comes out Oct. 12 via Epitaph Records. He plays the Turf Club on Nov. 16.

Your Smith – “Bad Habit”

Your Smith just shared the title track of her forthcoming EP, which comes out Aug. 24 via Neon Gold. Formerly known as Caroline Smith, she spent years in the Twin Cities before moving to Los Angeles. After some culture shock and writer’s block, she came up with this song, which she describes to Billboard as “my white flag; the surrender to myself and my sound.” She’ll return to First Avenue on September 21.

Destiny Roberts – “Outta Here | Lunar Vibes”

Destiny Roberts — or Moon Melanin Mami, which doubles as the name of her latest album — steps up her game in “Outta Here | Lunar Vibes,” a super-cool track fit for relaxing or flying to the moon.

John David & the Jerks – “Swedish Dream”

This video foreshadows Minnesota autumn with flannel, spruce trees, and gray skies over the lake. The song has a peaceful tilt to it, too. Tonight, John David & the Jerks will release their new record at the 7th St Entry.

Sarah M. Greer – “Awake”

Sarah M. Greer and band perform “Awake,” a jazzy track from her album What The Music Says Do, at Wild Sound Recording Studio in Minneapolis.