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Dessa crop art, and more agricultural tributes to music at the Minnesota State Fair

Photos by Hanna Bubser/MPR

If the long lines inside the Minnesota State Fairground’s Agriculture Horticulture Building are evidence enough, then it is safe to say that Minnesotans love to look at crop art. If you plan to hop in line and take a peek for yourself, bring some cheese curds: the line moves slowly.

People move step-by-step to get the best viewing angle for each piece of artwork. Smartphones snap countless pictures of standout entries, and those who need a bit longer to soak it all in can take a seat on one of the benches placed strategically facing the crop art wall. After the hours of dedication that these artists put into their work, it seems only fitting that they garner so much adoration.

Crop art is a unique and longstanding tradition at the Minnesota State Fair. It started in 1965, meaning that this year it celebrates its 53rd birthday. According to the display, Minnesota is the only state to implement crop art into its state fair every year, making it truly one-of-a-kind experience to see in person.

With that in mind, it makes sense that the crop art entries celebrate different people, places and things that Minnesotans love. Sometimes this is a famous person from Minnesota or a specific city in the state, and other times it is an idea, like music. Minnesotans love music. Below are photos of some of the entries this year that featured a music theme, from Prince to the MPR Raccoon.