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Friday Five: astralblak, Bella Yaga, and more new Minnesota music videos

Astralblak - Wanna Be Saved

astralblak – Wanna Be Saved

MMYYKK, Greg Grease, Proper T, Just Nine, and ∆RT P∆RTÉ reemerge as astralblak on upcoming album Seeds. This video for single “Wanna Be Saved” will steer you right toward that title. Meanwhile, the band says:

We all need each other. The strong need the weak. The young need the old. As we approach the release of SEEDS, our first album, we present to you: “Wanna Be Saved.”

Bella Yaga – Green Exhale

Bella Yaga — a project by Anna Johnson and friends Peter Morrow, Joni Griffith, Alia Jeraj, and Alana Horton — are on a streak of videos to support their album Slipped From A Subtle Skin. A group of theatermakers and performance artists, the quintet are not afraid to get weird, as you can see for yourself in “Green Exhale.”

Fathom Lane – Laurelee

Fathom Lane are the band to turn to when you’re craving that gentle glockenspiel. Frontperson Michael Ferrier made this video over two years, all leading up to today’s release and Thursday’s show at Icehouse (with openers Julia Christi Ann and Eau Claire songwriter Hemma).

Juniper Douglas – Error

Happy release day to Juniper Douglas, an experimental group who’ve just released their debut album, Error to Introspection. Here’s the first component of the title, “Error”: a video that’ll raise your pulse.

LowRay – Friends and the Fakers

LowRay soundtrack an awkward sitcom opening with “Friends and the Fakers,” a song from their upcoming album of the same name. They celebrate their record release with Porcupine and Little Man at the Hook and Ladder on Nov. 10.