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Friday Five: Devata Daun, Inside Voice, and more new Minnesota music videos

Devata Daun appears in "In My Room"

Devata Daun – In My Room

Pytch Records’ Devata Daun is some mix of Circe and benevolent temptress in this song, stuffed with saxophone and Linn drum samples, from her new EP Pye Luis.

Inside Voice + Kelvin Wailey triptych

Dancers Kelvin Wailey accompany Inside Voice — aka Peter Miller and Hilary James of We Are The Willows — throughout a series of three songs (“Fitness Parade,” “Forgiveness/Forgetness,” and “To Be Where You Are”).

Perfume Monster – Say The Same

Yes, the captions are in Vulcan. Perfume Monster aren’t afraid to get weird, and they’ll soon release an “EP or so worth” of music called All Outta Sundaes to prove it.

Maria and the Coins – Two Years From Now

Here’s the last of Maria and the CoinsLive Sessions, a soft-rock tune filmed by Mitch Kampf and recorded by Andrew Churchill.

The Florists – Firm Your Aging Neck

If you like wondering “What did I just watch?” this video is for you. Post-punk band the Florists will soon release their debut album Prayer Starter.