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Friday Five: Low, Early Eyes, and more new Minnesota music videos

A still from Low's "Rome (Always In The Dark)"

Low – Rome (Always In The Dark)

If Low‘s Double Negative triptych had you befuddled, take another leap at their new album here. “Rome (Always In The Dark)” bears a similar undulating buzz, but the melody and visuals are so eye-catching that you might feel yourself carried away.

Early Eyes – The Basement

Early Eyes host a garden party! Charlie Berg directs the peppy video.

Sims x Air Credits x Icetep – Raising Helvetica

Nothing like a neo-grotesque sans-serif to combat unjust societal conditions, I guess. Sims x Air Credits x Icetep “race to get the letter up” in this Artería Verité track, which features Dessa on background vocals.

Nooky Jones – Gimme Some More

Nooky Jones sound sweet and slinky — like the dancers in this video — during “Gimme Some More.” They’ll perform at the Dakota Jazz Club on Sept. 27 and 28.

Ar.birn – Smokescreen

So maybe it’s no Arrival or Contact. But behind Ar.birn’s goofy video is a charming song, great for summer driving or bedroom dance parties. Catch Zach Brose (guitar), Cooper Doten (bass), and Reese Kling (drums) at their record release on Sept. 29.