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Aaron Lee of Red Daughters shot in Northeast Minneapolis robbery

Photo via Aaron Lee GoFundMe

Red Daughters’ Aaron Lee, better known as “Hix,” was shot this weekend in northeast Minneapolis.

The shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 8 on the corner of 13th Street and 4th Avenue NE. As reported by the Star Tribune and WCCO, singer and multi-instrumentalist Hix and his girlfriend, Katie Szczepaniak, were on their way to a Red Daughters show at the 331 Club when a car pulled over next to them. A robber jumped out, demanding their phones and wallets. As the thief began to walk away, the couple thought the encounter was over, but things took a turn for the worse when the robber suddenly turned around and shot Hix in the stomach.

Talking with the Star Tribune, Szczepaniak described the shooter as a “loose cannon.” She said, “the only words I remember him saying were, ‘Give me your phones and your wallets.'”

Strangers came to the rescue, and with police and an ambulance showing up within minutes, they were able to save Hix’s life. While he suffered internal injuries as a result of the shooting, he is expected to recover. But without health insurance, Hix’s medical bills are starting to pile up.

To take some of the weight off his shoulders, A GoFundMe was set up this weekend and has already raised more than $38,000. Efforts have also begun to get get the greater local music community involved. On Tuesday at 7 p.m., bandmate Paul Ray James will be playing at the 331 Club and donating the money he makes in tips to Hix’s GoFundMe. On Saturday at 8 p.m., Hix’s coworkers at Pizza Nea will also hold a fundraiser for him.

Red Daughters have been active in the Twin Cities for almost a decade, an indie rock band with a country influence. Red Daughters’ latest single, “White Roses,” was released in 2017; their most recent album is Dealer.

Simone Cazares is a student at Saint Paul College. Originally from Miami, Fla., she survives Minnesota’s cruel winters by immersing herself in the Twin Cities music scene.

  • Matt1up

    Why is there ZERO description anywhere of the shooter who from what I understand is still on the loose and has not been caught?

    It is the strangest thing ever. A guy gets shot for no reason after complying with a robber at gunpoint and there is not a single description of the shooter that I can find in ANY story covering this crime……..?????

    • Thomas McGauley


    • Dan

      “Why is there ZERO description anywhere of the shooter”

      I think we all know why, and it’s ridiculous.

  • MrSmarty

    There’s a reason and a pattern for no info on perps and most of us know who and why.

  • Bluecollardaughter

    Please correct fundraiser establishment name to PIZZA NEA and list date and time so public can know how to participate please?

  • Archimedes

    You have to go to the non-local news sources to get a description of the perp that the police gave.
    NYPost: “The suspect has been described as a black male in his 40s who wore a dark jacket with a hood, Elder said.”
    Looks like the same person robbed another person by Grumpys that same night.