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Friday Five: Bruise Violet, Sister Species, and more new Minnesota music videos

Still from Bruise Violet's "Nightmare"

Bruise Violet – Nightmare

Bruise Violet and fellow pissed-off women rip up dolls in “Nightmare,” a song from their 2017 EP Trophy Wife. On Facebook, they write, “This song is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has dealt with sexual violence in their lives, and is fighting to create a safer world that brings the forward the discussion of rape culture from the shadows. it is an absolute epidemic, and we in Bruise Violet send all our love and support your way. believe survivors, f— the patriarchy, and scream until you have no voice left. remember to vote during the midterm elections too.”

Sister Species – Take It Easy

The service industry gets its revenge in Sister Species‘ “Take It Easy,” the first in a trilogy of videos promoting their album Heavy Things Do Move. The Kastrul sisters and their band will join Lena Elizabeth for a double album release at the Cedar on Nov. 29.

Andy Cook – Run

While Andy Cook opened for JØUR at the Cedar last night, he debuted this video, created by Torey Erin and shot on Super 8 film, for “Run” from Modern Man.

Starcrossed – Hum

Songwriter/vocalist Autumn Compton and producer Ganzobean are Starcrossed, who’ve just released their EP Above the Noise. Last winter, Compton and cinematographer Nick Junkersfeld made this video on a visit to Hawaii — but in the time since, a volcano erupted on the Big Island and covered several of the locations in this video. “The project has since taken on a much deeper significance,” Compton writes, “both as a documentation of environments that no longer exist and as a surrender to the power of the natural world. ”

Radiochurch – Yeah Buddy

Radiochurch share a couch with each other and a song with us. These aren’t the most clever lyrics you’ll ever hear, but the song is catchy, and Ellis Richardson’s choreography quietly pulls the viewer in. They’ll release their album Citizens Band and perform at Icehouse on Oct. 18.