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Friday Five: Low, Brother Ali, and more new Minnesota music videos

Low in "Always Trying To Work It Out"

Low – Always Trying To Work It Out

Low‘s Alan Sparhawk walks through the Food Co-op in Duluth, Minn., crossing paths with shoppers and cashiers who all wear the Double Negative mask. The video was directed by Philip Harder and Sparhawk and “dedicated to our city of Duluth.”

Tonight in St. Paul, Low perform at the Fitzgerald Theater. If you can’t make the show, livestream it via The Current here.

Brother Ali – Sensitive

If you haven’t checked in with Brother Ali in a while, now is a great time. Sit down with a warm drink and watch him lay out his true feelings, set to a beat that samples Erykah Badu. This single comes in advance of Brother Ali’s Nov. 8 show at First Avenue.

Bella Yaga – Water Underground

Bella Yaga continue to support their 2018 album Slipped From A Subtle Skin with intriguing, eerie music videos. Kristi Ternes is the person to thank for this one: candles, paper dolls, and all.

Witch Watch – Answers Tomorrow

Surprise! ‘Tis the spooky season, and Witch Watch observed Halloween by dropping this single and three B-sides. They’ll perform at Acadia in Minneapolis on Nov. 15.

Fragile Canyons – Cadillac Souls

“Cadillac Souls” is a track from Fragile Canyons‘ upcoming debut album Slow Dancing Beyond Silverdome, out Dec. 1. That same night, they’ll perform at the 331 Club with Witch Watch and Loud Sun.