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Friday Five: Hippo Campus, elxina, and more new Minnesota music videos

Sarah J. Coffey plays the deer in Hippo Campus's "Doubt"

Outside my window, it’s -8 °F with colder air to come. Outside the usual, shutdown-related staff shortages have forced LaGuardia Airport to stop receiving flights. Outside the U.S., many countries are doing just fine, but then we see hunger strikes bombs corruption xenophobia.

Pardon me for getting all “current events” on the Local Current Blog, but this winter…let’s be especially good to each other, yeah? We need it. Help out your neighbors; swap in patience for spite; set aside productivity and take a break with some music. Oh, and if you’re in Minnesota, pile on those layers.

Hippo Campus – “Doubt”

The new Hippo Campus video really goes there. A doe swoons over a truck, attracted to its “toxic-masculine sense of danger,” forgetting her senses of safety and reason. “Love is universal,” the band writes in a press release. “Unfortunately falling in love with things that hurt you is universal too. But you know what isn’t? A deer giving a truck a lap dance.”

elxina – “Call Me Crazy”

elxina recently released her debut album, High School High, and co-directed this video with Adam Foster Jacobs. Try if you like vocal layers, bold colors, and/or vibes.

Matt Wilson and His Orchestra – “Real Life”

Matt Wilson and His Orchestra have played a couple of shows around the Twin Cities, but “Real Life” is the first recording they’ve shared with the internet. It’s a lovely tune featuring Wilson as vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Quillan Roe (Roe Family Singers) on banjo/vocals, Phala Tracy on harp/vocals, and Jacques Wait on electric bass. The orchestra will perform at the Dakota on Feb. 1 and 2.

Almighty American – “In The Quiet”

Recording as Almighty American, Michael Gay and the band imagine life “In The Quiet.”

SOLANA – “Sushi & A Movie”

SOLANA and the University of Minnesota Dance Collective team up again with original choreography from Lydia Vejar. (Note: Adam Foster Jacob directs this video, his second entry on today’s Friday Five.)