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Friday Five: Maria Isa, Genital Panic, and more new Minnesota music videos

Maria Isa in "Tuyo"

We made it through the holidays, and I’m a little worried I didn’t savor them while they lasted. But that could be withdrawal speaking. I enjoyed Hanukkah parties early on; survived a Christmas intensive; and delighted in the turn of the new year. Now I’m stuck on the dream to travel somewhere, back to Spain or Latin America — anywhere with kind strangers and fresh fruit. Lucky for me, the first video on today’s Friday Five is a valiant SotaRican video, one called “Tuyo” (or “Yours”) by Maria Isa.

Maria Isa – “Tuyo”

“Eso es tuyo,” Maria Isa repeats in this song from Sasa: “This is yours.” Directed by Nazeem & Spencer Joles, the project is vivid and not short on braggadocio, making it a great watch for the new year.

Genital Panic – “Donnie Talk To Russia”

Prince’s “Ronnie Talk To Russia,” from his 1981 Controversy album, was a call for Ronald Reagan to communicate with Russia. Genital Panic‘s sequel is about the current president having done just that. “Did you talk to Russia, Donnie?” Tina Schlieske asks, taunting and bold.

Al Church – “Savannah”

If you like karaoke, gore, and narrative twists, Al Church‘s “Savannah” is for you. Inspired by the time Church dreamed about local musician Savannah Smith, this video stars both artists.

Radiochurch – “Good Vibes”

Radiochurch has four members, but “Good Vibes” is about the experiences of one of them in particular. Vocalist Ellis Cleve writes, “The song addresses the realities of being black in America,” focusing on the enthusiasm of his childhood while keeping in mind the adulthood to come.

The Rotation – “Might Slay”

Travis Gorman, Finding Novyon, Dwynell Roland, and Devon Reason are the Rotation, a Twin Cities collective who reunited recently to film “Might Slay.”