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Lizzo is kind of a big deal, acknowledges Ron Burgundy as he accepts her flute challenge

Lizzo plays flute at The Current, with Sean Anonymous and Dreamcrusher in 2013. (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Ron Burgundy, the world’s most well-coiffed local newscaster (as embodied by Will Ferrell in Anchorman) may have only tweeted a few times, but one of his tweets is the second salvo in a battle between pop culture’s sultriest flutists.

“Lizzo, I accept your challenge,” he declared. “This is for you.”

The video comes as a result of an Instagram posted mid-November, when Lizzo challenged the actor.

And just days prior she effectively clapped back at those doubting her classically trained skills after a video of the rapper-singer-songwriter playing flute and dancing went viral.

Lizzo’s mastery of the flute originates in eighth grade, when she first played the piccolo in her school’s marching band. She then pursued a degree from University of Houston in classical flute performance and has since “snuck” it into all of her releases dating back to Batches & Cookies in 2013. She’s also posted a comprehensive “Classical Flute” timeline to her Instagram story highlights where haters can go to fact-check their suspicions.

Lizzo retweeted Burgundy’s video and posted it to Instagram writing, “YA’LL READY FOR THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY?!!!” We’re holding our breath.

Fans are also anticipating Lizzo’s appearance on the second season of HBO’s live adaptation of hit podcast “2 Dope Queens.” Joining the artist as guests will be Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and writer, producer, director, and activist Janet Mock. Mock and Lizzo will chat with the show’s hosts, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, in an episode dedicated to music. The premiere is scheduled for early February.

Lydia Moran is a music and arts writer in Minneapolis.