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Friday Five: Anna Marie Carey, Psalm One, and more new Minnesota music videos

Anna Marie Carey - "Spaceman"

Anna Marie Carey – “Spaceman”

When I say Anna Marie Carey‘s new video is a production, I mean that in the best way possible. Carey worked with a crack team including director Carsten Johnson, producer Jared Myers, cinematographer/editor Christopher Behnen, and art director Dena Winter, who made a gorgeous video to accompany her glimmering song.

Psalm One – “Non-Binary (feat. Angel Davanport, Sophia Eris, and ShowYouSuck)”

Psalm One leads a posse of Minnesota rappers in a tough-as-nails joint supporting everyone and their respective identities. Gracie Hagen directs.

Lady Midnight – “Ion”

Lady Midnight‘s “Ion” interlude, produced by Ziyad Habib, takes shape as a black-and-white video set in the fertile dirt. You’ll be able to find “Ion” on Lady Midnight’s debut album, Death Before Mourning, later this spring.

Her Crooked Heart – “Summer of Wandering”

Rachel Ries, aka Her Crooked Heart, spent six weeks in Florida this winter to record her CAPTIVA EP. She also made this video during that residency. She writes, “The Jungle Road was my jaw-dropping commute each day so I filmed the bike ride one-handed, riding from my cottage to the beach and wading on into the Gulf of Mexico. I scrawled and illustrated the video once I got home to the tundra.”

Vicky Emerson – “The Reckoning”

Vicky Emerson is joined by Minnesota musicians such as Jillian Rae, Sarah Morris and Annie Fitzgerald in this bright, beguiling video for “The Reckoning.”