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Friday Five: Sleeping Jesus, Annie and the Bang Bang, and more new Minnesota music videos

Nick Elstad of Sleeping Jesus in "Lay"

Good morning from sunny St. Paul, the city enjoying a compliment bath on my Twitter. Before I head into work this afternoon, I wanted to tell you about a few music videos I’ve enjoyed this week. Here we go.

Sleeping Jesus – “Lay”

This new Sleeping Jesus video is enjoyable but grim. Frontperson Nick Elstad plays the main character, who finds a happier life…only to lose it. The Winona band perform today at Big Easy Bar and Grill in Austin, Texas (hi, South by Southwest!).

Annie and the Bang Bang – “Crow River Drive”

Are Annie and the Bang Bang referencing the Crow River Drive in Rogers, Otsego, or Hanover, Minn.? Mystery abounds. So does a wealth of animation by Sara Richardson — using tools that range from Etch-A-Sketch lines to lovely colorful shards.

Ben Noble – “Night Wakes”

Images clatter together in this Ben Noble video, a response to his experiences with “night wakes”: sharp anxiety episodes that kept him from sleeping. According to a press release, it’s the first single from his forthcoming album, due to be released this fall.

LVNDSCVPES – “Sweet Tart”

A cutesy relationship goes sour in LVNDSCVPES‘s “Sweet Tart,” co-starring DJ Fundo. Catch LVNDSCVPES at the Hexagon on March 28 or at the Nomad on April 26.

Breanne Tepler – “Salt In The Snow”

Breanne Marie & The Front Porch Sinners visited Ely’s Peak and the Clyde Iron Works restaurant in the Duluth area for this video. “Salt In The Snow” is the title track from their new EP.

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