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Friday Five: astralblak, Champagne Confetti, and more new Minnesota music videos

L-r: MMYYKK, DJ Just Nine, Proper-T, and Greg Grease of astralblak in "Jerkin"

astralblak – “Jerkin”

In this video, astralblak luxuriate in free time. “Jerkin,” directed by avant-gardist rappers Nazeem & Spencer Joles, features the members of the band enjoying sushi; yoga; and time at the roller rink. Tonight, they’ll pass the mood on to fans at the Fine Line, headlining a bill that also promises performances from Nazeem & Spencer Joles and Lady Midnight.

Champagne Confetti – “Beach Hawk”

Please welcome to the world a new project by Eric Mayson and Aby Wolf: Champagne Confetti. The duo have been writing lyrics together while Mayson composes the music; various Minnesota musicians (Joey Van Phillips, Cameron Kinghorn) helped record this first single. Allegra Oxborough made the video, a series of clips from performances around town. Wolf and Mayson will perform with New York’s NOW Ensemble at the Parkway Theater on April 13.

Grayshot – “Ordinary Love”

Grayshot premiered this video on Valentine’s Day, but it’s applicable any day of the year. Random humans share how being in love has changed them. Grayshot perform tonight at the Hook & Ladder.

ttrystt – “cruelgoddess”

ttrystt, a new project out of Saint Paul, shares melancholy pop with a black-and-white video by Jake Johnston.

Courtney Yasmineh – “The Sun Shines On Ruby”

Ruby Percansky is the subject of this love song, a sweet tune for a special Doberman Pinscher. Musician Courtney Yasmineh found inspiration while writing a series called Try To Live The Life Of A Dog last year.